Pac Sky = Your answer for legacy T56 series 3.0 engine parts.

At Pac Sky, we are an industry disruptor, giving you a choice other than the OEM (Rolls Royce) to help support the legacy T56/501 engine, so you do not have to upgrade to the Rolls Royce T56 3.5 Kit.

What Sets us Apart

We are industry disrupters. We aren’t the OEM, yet we exist because they exist, to support legacy parts that they don’t want to anymore. They designed decades-long dependable parts and we’ve focused our careers on manufacturing them as good as they do, if not better. We’re the scrappy little sibling nipping at their heels.

Many Parts in Stock

We aren’t afraid to put parts on the shelf. We love inventory–it’s our business model. We hone in on our customer forecasts, initiate manufacturing jobs without commitments, and aim to have product ready when the customer needs it. A majority of our parts are backed by tedious approvals from the Defense Department and the FAA. Now that’s support.

We put our manufacturing expertise to work for you.

In-House Manufacturing

Proudly made in Los Angeles, California, down the street where originally most aircraft designs were put to flight for the first time. Now we’re an outlier amongst the entertainment capital of the world. Come visit our operations, then take in the Hollywood Sign at night.

Quality Assurance

We take quality serious here. Company culture makes it a known priority—banners reinforce our Quality Policy, monitors emphasize our radar charts, and a clean shop floor is celebrated. It’s no small task to be on our Approved Supplier List, and we will do what it takes to be on yours.

Company / Industry News

Pac Sky – the Approved Source to Manufacture T56 Engine Compressor Blades

The Defense Logistics Agency, representing the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, as well as Foreign Militaries that utilize T56 engines, has deemed Pacific Sky Supply, Inc. an approved source to manufacture all (14) stages of the legacy-type, uncoated compressor blades for the T56 engine models.
T56 Engine or 501 Engine Combustion Liner

FMS Combustion Liner Support

May 2023 - Approved source Pac Sky enters into contract with DLA Aviation Oklahoma City to supply multiple Combustion Liners, PN 6894068, to support (6) different foreign military customers through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. This liner is a Critical Safety Item flown by numerous militaries.