Company Overview

Decades of Reliability

Pacific Sky Supply, Inc. is a small business, 50,000 square feet in size, that has supported aftermarket aircraft engines and propellers for over 65 years in the greater Los Angeles area—an original U.S. defense industrial base. Our focus and priority honed in on the T56/501 engine and 54H60 propeller, used foremost on the world’s C-130 aircraft. We’ve proudly manufactured and repaired parts to support operators with a quality and competitive choice.

Foreign military support at Pacific Sky Supply, Inc.

Many DoD and FAA approvals later, we are poised to support the same parts we always have, now deemed legacy parts, where the competition cites obsolescence as the future, we know no such thing and are keeping aircraft sustainable well into their final years.

We don’t reinvent the wheel—the original design works. We utilize approved part design and aspire to operate better than a larger institution does, utilizing team strengths, swift decisions, and enough capital to ensure the latest technology at work. We have always been the underdog, always proving we are good enough to have our parts on any platform. We have opened ourselves to countless audits, site surveys and customer visits to advance our business model. We are used to hearing the word NO, that non-OEM parts aren’t good enough, that it will void the OEM’s warranty (that elusive warranty), but it only made us more resilient to prove otherwise. And MROs and operators know that they need a choice in parts, now more than ever.

Tommy is ready to service any industrial customer that has 501K engines, that need high-temp turbine parts.

How Can We Support You?

We are at a precipice in time where operators are not going to get the support from their past corporate supply chain. Operators are being encouraged to upgrade their systems, financially coerced into buying newly designed replacement parts when funds aren’t available to do so, or else shift to handle obsolescence risks. 

But we at Pac Sky can keep you combat ready now, blazing to keep old design alive, positioned to support the T56 Series III engines indefinitely, with core legacy parts. They won’t become obsolete with us; we aim to sustain propulsion readiness the way you are. We’ve been priming ourselves for years—developing your trust—to get here. What Pac Sky manufactured or repaired legacy parts can we support you with, to extend the life of your aircraft?

Pacific Sky Supply original location circa 1955.
Pac Sky’s first location in Sun Valley, California, circa 1957.