We Build it Here

We build it here. Like you, we believe that quality begins at home, so you’ll find it reassuring that we manufacture most of our own replacement parts. Our world class manufacturing facility incorporates many of today’s best practice manufacturing techniques including 6-sigma & lean manufacturing.

Turbine vanes, made of investment castings, used on the T56 engine or 501 engine, designed by Rolls-Royce, but manufactured by aftermarket leader Pacific Sky Supply or PacSky.

We have the latest CNC 3, 4 & 5 axis milling and turning equipment, and utilize CBN 5 axis grinding in the production of critical safety item parts.

Cellular manufacturing concepts are in use throughout our shop, as exemplified by our turbine vane and blade cell, compressor vane cell, compressor blade cell, and utility cell.

Since the purchase of our first machines in the early 1980’s, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capacity exponentially and continuously invest heavily in new machinery and equipment every year.  We also strive to eliminate non-value added processes, improve our computerized production scheduling, and incorporate an internal intranet to distribute information to help reduce our need for paper. We are active participants in continuous improvement.

Behind it is a conviction that we can only build the best parts and components with the best people. Our teams of engineers, technicians and craftspeople have years of experience in the business. Equally important, our teams work as one, with responsibility for the end product shared by all.