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Pac Sky – the Approved Source to Manufacture T56 Engine Compressor Blades

The Defense Logistics Agency, representing the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, as well as Foreign Militaries that utilize T56 engines, has deemed Pacific Sky Supply, Inc. an approved source to manufacture all (14) stages of the legacy-type, uncoated compressor blades for the T56 engine models.
T56 Engine or 501 Engine Combustion Liner

FMS Combustion Liner Support

May 2023 - Approved source Pac Sky enters into contract with DLA Aviation Oklahoma City to supply multiple Combustion Liners, PN 6894068, to support (6) different foreign military customers through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. This liner is a Critical Safety Item flown by numerous militaries.

Repair Station Expansion

In addition to manufacturing, we can repair your T56/501 parts in our FAA Approved Repair Station. We recognize that rising costs have operators and MROs sharpening their pencil, and if new parts don’t fall within budget, repaired parts are a reasonable option. We are expanding our repair capabilities for 2023, with an expert team in place, goal being to support customer-satisfied lead-times.