Replacement Parts

At Pacific Sky Supply, Inc. we aim to manufacture and stock the parts that customers and end-users demand the most. Since our inventory is regularly replenished and maintained, we have the ability to ship the same day. Some examples of part numbers we constantly support—manufactured to OEM design data and specifications—are the following:

T56 / 501D Engine Parts

  • Turbine Blades and Vanes (see Turbine Blade & Vane Cell for part numbers). More turbine components include: 6846935 Cage Assemblies, 23004669 Seal Assemblies, 6844649 Dampers, 6870409 Supports, 6870706 Retainer Assemblies
  • Combustion components include: 6894068 Combustion Liners, 6783834 Sleeves, 6809618 Fuel Nozzles, 5232362 Metering Sets
  • Compressor Blades (see Compressor Blade Cell for part numbers). More compressor components include: 23057658 and 23057659 Labyrinth Seals, 6794936 Housing Assemblies, 6845945 Tie Bolts
  • Reduction Gearbox components include: 6827186 Universal Joints, 23053772 Conversion Kits, 23034572 Thrust Plates, 6889361 Main Drive Gears, 23062247 Diaphragm Assemblies, 23055550 Planet Gear Assemblies
  • Bearings include: 23055590 Shaft Gear Bearings, 23057662 Compressor Bearings, 23058585 Main Drive Gear Bearings, 23064888 Torquemeter Bearings, 23058594 Turbine Bearings

54H60 Propeller and Propeller Control Parts

We support parts for the 54H60 Propeller Models -77, -81, -91, -117, -125, -131, -133

For example…
514181 Segment Gears for the Propeller Barrel Assembly, 537036 Extension Studs for the Propeller Barrel Assembly, 514821 / 779110-1 Piston Stop Levers for Pitch Stop Assembly on the Propeller, 546635 Standard Governor Shaft & Sleeve Assemblies for the Valve Housing, 802347-1 Double Lip Seals for the Pump Housing, 548942 Propeller Blade Bushings

501K Industrial and Marine Engine Parts

We support parts for the 501K Series Industrial and Marine Gas Turbine Engines.

For example…
23074678 LE II Combustion Liners, 23065975 1st Stage Directionally Solidified Turbine Blades, 23075515 / 23075516 / 23075517 / 23075009 1st Stage TBC Turbine Vanes, 23052149 2nd Stage Turbine Blades, 23067762 2nd Stage Turbine Vanes

Our industrial / marine parts are manufactured to the same tolerances, processes and standards as our aerospace parts.

Repaired / Overhauled (OHC) Parts

Being a licensed FAA Repair Station (No. QQPR566K) allows us to maintain a large inventory of high-use repaired and overhauled components on the shelf – ready to ship when you need them.

For example…
2655971 Probe and Bellows Assemblies for the T56/501 Fuel Control, 6793749 / 23005961 Rear Turbine Bearing Supports for the T56/501 Engine, 747793-2 Governor Shaft & Sleeve Assemblies for the Propeller Control, 6870209 Compressor Cases for the T56/501 Engine, 6896041 Propeller Brakes, 23001194 Gearbox Housing & Diaphragm Assemblies, and Compressor Vanes for the T56/501 Engine

T56 Turbine Vanes or Turbine Nozzles, identified as a 2nd Stage Turbine Nozzle Vane, made from investment castings, flown on C-130 aircraft flown by various Foreign Military FMS.
T56 Engine Turbine Saddle Vane, flown by C130 Aircraft
Turbines blades for the Rolls Royce T56 engine, and also used on the Rolls Royce 501 engine, manufactured by Pacific Sky with FAA-PMA approvals, to include DS MAR M247.
Turbine Seal for the Rolls-Royce T-56 engine, manufactured at Pacific Sky Supply CAGE 66905.
Blade Bushing used on the 54H60 Propeller
Compressor Blades used on the T56 Engine or the 501 Engine or the 501K Engine, designed by Rolls Royce, manufactured by Pacific Sky Supply CAGE 66905. Available as PMA parts or USAF and USN approved parts.
6846935 Cage or Antifriction Housing for installation on the Rolls Royce T56 engine or the 501 engine, manufactured by Pac Sky CAGE 66905.
Turbine Seal for the Rolls-Royce T-56 engine, manufactured at Pacific Sky Supply CAGE 66905.
Rolls Royce T56 Eyebolt used on the gearbox, manufactured by Pacific Sky CAGE 66905, with DoD approval and FAA approval.
This is a Universal Joint Assembly used on the Rolls-Royce T56 Gearbox, which we have FAA-PMA approval to manufacture.