CNC Cell

Gearbox, hot section and propeller components installed on T56/501/501K engines and 54H60 propellers—such as cages, sleeves, bolts, levers, seals, shafts, gears, bearings, housings, tubes, and universal joint assemblies—are manufactured on-site within the CNC Cell, utilizing the latest, state of the art 5-axis Milling and Lathe machining centers. Adjacent to the CNC Cell is the Utility Cell, providing production support to all our manufacturing cells with deburring, part marking, assembly, and tool making. Our machinists have applicable knowledge of critical and tight tolerance parts for the most stringent requirements.

With equipment that is upgraded often, we are always moving forward with the latest and most advanced technology so that we can fully commit to the high quality standards our customers expect.

A large percentage of our DoD military approved parts are manufactured within the CNC Cell, many of which have been supporting the armed services for a multitude of years.

T56/501/501K Engine and 54H60 Propeller Parts

T56/501 Damper, Turbine Front Bearing Vibration
PN 6844649

T56/501 Sleeve, Diffuser Combustion Inner Casing
PNs 6783834, 6783834P010, 6783834P020

T56/501 Cage Assembly, Bearing Front Turbine
PN 6846935

T56/501 Seal, Labyrinth Rotating Compressor
PN 23053857

T56/501 Universal Joint Assembly
PN 6827186

54H60 Bushing, Propeller Blade
PN 548942

T56/501 Plate Segment, Bearing Retaining
PNs 23031581, 23031582

T56/501 Plate, Nose Bearing Thrust
PN 23034572

54H60 Stud, Barrel Assembly
PN 537036