Compressor Blade Cell

Our T56/501 engine compressor blades are manufactured on-site out of precision forgings. All machining of the root and airfoil features are performed within the Compressor Blade Cell using airfoil machining CAD/CAM software. After machining, the blade surface is polished as the finishing operation, to achieve the highly smooth finish essential to obtaining good airflow and compressor performance. We’ve been in production of all (14) stages of compressor blades for over two decades, and currently offer two different types of compressor blades, specific to the operable environment of the engine:

New, Uncoated Compressor Blades

PNs 6809081, 6809082, 6809083, 6809084, 6809085, 6809086, 6809087, 6809088, 6809089, 6809090, 6809091, 6809092, 6809093, 6809094

New, Titanium Nitrate (TiN) Coated Compressor Blades

PNs 23067601, 23067602, 23067603, 23067604, 23067605, 23067606, 23067607, 23067608, 23067609, 23067610, 23067611, 23067612, 23067613, 23067614

Compressor Blades used on the T56 Engine or the 501 Engine or the 501K Engine, designed by Rolls Royce, manufactured by Pacific Sky Supply CAGE 66905. Available as PMA parts or USAF and USN approved parts.